Atheism, it’s not a phase

I have been doing some reading since my last post, Religion is Tearing Families Apart. I have come to realize that after reading some more stores about atheists telling there families about their lack of belief in god that parents often treat it as an immature decision or something that will pass with time. That’s why this article is targeted at parents of atheists, not the atheists themselves.

I would like to let parents of atheists know that atheism is generally not a phase. Once you see the truth it is extremely hard to un-see it. Of course, if you were de-converted on faulty arguments, it is always possible to go back to religion, but once people see the atheist point of view for a while, they start to learn more and more about religion and why so many atheists dislike it. It will often times change someones view of religion for a lifetime.

What should I do if my Son/Daughter is an atheist

Well, they are not likely to move back to any form of religion, but I would do a basic sanity check to make sure they actually have a good reason for becoming an atheist. Many will cite various logical arguments and de-conversion stories of other atheists. I am asking you to try to understand why they are an atheist.

When my parents found out I was an atheist, they didn’t care about the logical arguments. In fact, they didn’t care why at all. They just treated it as a phase that I would grow out of. But it is not something that you can grow out of. My family situation has digressed to the point where the only way religion is discussed is through jokes I make about religion and a series of personal attacks they inject against me.

Don’t let it get to this point. If it gets to this point, you may never get out of it, you may never reach an understanding of each other. The best advice I have for parents is to try to be understanding (and definitely don’t try to force religion on them).


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