Re: Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed

Cover of "Expelled - No Intelligence Allowed"I recently finished watching the documentary “Expelled – No Intelligence Allowed” at the recommendation of a person I have been debating on Youtube (I would hardly call it a debate as it barely got started). One impression I got was “wow, I just wasted an hour and forty minutes watching this” and another impression I got was “there is something in this video that is right.”

Of course, the thing that is right is not intelligent design, it is the fact that people should be allowed to research intelligent design and talk about it. They should be allowed to address it with science if they so desire. Of course, I will not be the one to lend them any such credibility, but if they want to address it with science, they are more then welcome to use their own funding to do so.

If you want to talk about it at a real scientific level, bring something to talk about. Get some evidence! We can’t expect scientists everywhere to start working on proving or disproving some random hypothesis in the same way we don’t allocate resources like that to UFOs, space aliens, ghosts, the flying spaghetti monster, etc.

Don’t accuse us of being close minded when we merely await the evidence. One would be a fool to believe in that which there is not evidence for and ghost stories, monsters, and god are all things which need exceptional evidence as they are exceptional claims. In fact, many religions have gone out of the way to say their god is not testable by science but now I wonder why they think that can prove god with science. God has been disproved time and time again by science but the goal post have always been shifted or it was said that god can’t be tested. Now people think they can prove god with science? I’ll be one of the people to use one of their fallacious arguments against them. If god is not testable via science, you certainly can’t prove him with it.

We don’t need to disprove these hypothesis because there is not a shred of evidence suggesting that they might be true. If there is evidence, show it! Don’t allude to the evidence like this video does; don’t pretend you have evidence. And when you have the evidence, I want to be the first to know about it. I want to see it.


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