I’ll pray for you

Almost every atheist has had someone tell them that they will be prayed for so that they may find god. I noticed that there are a lack of good responses to a statement as simple as this. Of course, it is more of an emotional statement rather than a logical one but many theists seem to value emotions over reason.

The two responses I came up with are:

  • If there really is a magic god who answers your prayers, then why are you wasting your time praying for me. It would be much more effective to pray for world peace or something like that.
  • You’re going to waste time praying to a supernatural being asking him to make a person who doesn’t believe in him believe in him. Sounds like one of the biggest wastes of time.
And as of today I am ┬ástarting a list of people who are praying for me. I think it would be a really nice demonstration of how prayer doesn’t really work, particularly for converting atheists.

2 thoughts on “I’ll pray for you

  1. I like your 2 responses. Here’s one I like: “How long do you think it will take for you to get an answer to your prayer? My mother has been waiting for over 25 years and still no response from her god.

  2. For some reason, in Islam, it seems to me as though negative prayers are accepted more than positive one (a negative prayer is to curse someone). I’m not 100% sure it’s Islamic law, but many Islamic “traditions” where it’s actually believed that at certain hours of the day and/or night, God is more likely to answer your prayers (be they good or harmful ones).

    To me, most of those who say they want to pray for me are either actually concerned in their own twisted way or emotional blackmailers.

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