It’s me again…

Sorry for being so inactive folks. I’ve recently found a decent job with good hours and meh pay but I love it. Anyway, just a heads up, still working on getting that radio show started. I’ll do evenings to start at 2 hours a piece and move around from there. If anyone is interested in calling in, or knows how to set up a skype link let me know through an email at

Take it easy, be good to each other and remember. You CAN be good because its the right thing to do. There may not be a reward, but your time with us will be well spent.


The new guy.

Greetings to all you free thinkers and those who just come to see a perspective from the other side of the fence. I’m the newest addition here at Atheist Thought and soon to be Radio Host as soon as I get  that set up. I’ll post about that when the time comes.

In the meantime, I can’t wait to see what kind of conversations and thoughts we can stir up here. I hope you guys will enjoy or at least that what I have to say will provoke some thought.

I hope to speak with you all soon.


Where I’ve Been

I am extremely sorry I have not updated this blog in such a long time. I have been extremely busy and it seems like I will be for some time into the future but maybe I will have time to put in a few more posts. In fact, I have a nice post planned on the history of the Christmas holiday and the true “meaning” for the season.

On top of being extremely busy (and stressed out), I had to deal with some depression and suicidal thoughts for a while in there. I got through that without praying to some higher power for healing.

And of course, I forgot all about this blog. I am sorry to those of you who commented and I either did not approve your comment or I did not respond yet. I will try to respond as soon as I can. Thanks for waiting.

I’ll pray for you

Almost every atheist has had someone tell them that they will be prayed for so that they may find god. I noticed that there are a lack of good responses to a statement as simple as this. Of course, it is more of an emotional statement rather than a logical one but many theists seem to value emotions over reason.

The two responses I came up with are:

  • If there really is a magic god who answers your prayers, then why are you wasting your time praying for me. It would be much more effective to pray for world peace or something like that.
  • You’re going to waste time praying to a supernatural being asking him to make a person who doesn’t believe in him believe in him. Sounds like one of the biggest wastes of time.
And as of today I am  starting a list of people who are praying for me. I think it would be a really nice demonstration of how prayer doesn’t really work, particularly for converting atheists.

Understanding != Source

I recently read a horrible article filled with numerous fallacies claiming that Richard Dawkins is wrong above evolution because of quantum mechanics. Well, first of all, I must point out that quantum mechanics does not disprove evolution. String theory does not disprove evolution.

After this bold assertion the article went on to say that a god is the source for the laws of quantum physics because geometric figured like strings and triangles are mental constructs. Basically, it uses the same flawed intelligent design argument but it adds a few more assertions.

Because the article claims that strings and triangles are mental constructs, they must first have existed inside a mind somewhere, right? Wrong. The ability to understand something does not make any source for that something more probable. Also, I am shocked by the lack of people who can understand one dimensional space which these “strings” are. To consider a string to be an actual string (which I’m guessing this article did as it wasn’t exactly clear on that point) would be a straw man fallacy.

What did they achieve?

Nothing. They took the already refuted argument for intelligent design and added more unbacked assertions! Adding more assertions to a faulty argument does not make it true. Here is an example:

A god does not exist and the earth takes 317 days to revolve around the sun.

Does the unproven assertion that the earth takes 317 days to rotate around the sun have any affect on the validity of god? No. Even if I was right, it doesn’t matter how long it takes as it has nothing to do with god.


All intelligent design is absolutely crazy no matter how you put it. I think my debate with this guy on YouTube about intelligent design has come to an end because he has finally realized it is nonsense as well. There is no controversy. Evolution is an accepted fact; there is evidence for it. There is no need to “teach the controversy” when there is no controversy.

Is God Testable?

It is a common claim among theists that god is purely faith based, untestable, and outside of the bounds of science. Maybe god even created the laws of the world as we know it. That is the question asked in the blog post “Can God be Scientifically Proven?” and that is exactly the question I hope to answer.

Theists have maintained that their god is untestable but they also make claims that this god did things which are very testable. For example, it is said that god answers prayer. It is trivial to collect quantifiable data on prayer, and people did. That New York Times article details the data which was scientifically collected which shows that prayer does not seem to have any correlation with healing.

Also relevant to the success rate of prayer is this (funny but serious) video by GIIVideo on YouTube:

As you can see, prayer is nothing but an optical illusion and is not proof for a god. Atheists, 1; Theists, 0. Although it does not disprove god, it does show what is really going on behind one aspect which theists use as proof for god.

As you can see, many theistic claims are quantifiable in this way. Also, many arguments for the existence of god have been logically disassembled on the Iron Chariots Wiki.  In fact, the only claims I have not run across a way to address logically or scientifically are arguments from personal experience (which are logical fallacies so they don’t really need to be addressed) and this is exactly the proof Juan cites in the comments on the post I mentioned earlier.

In conclusion

Can god be tested? No. Can claims about god be tested? Certainly. They can and have been tested logically, and scientifically and no reason to believe in a god has ever been found. From the origins of the universe to prayer, there is no reason to suspect anything but natural processes (i.e. no supernatural beings).

Do you hate atheists?


“Why should a believer in God hate an atheist? Surely the atheist has not injured God, and surely he is human, capable of joy and pain, and entitled to all the rights of man. Would it not be far better to treat this atheist, at least, as well as he treats us?”

— Some Mistakes of Moses by Robert Green Ingersoll