We can be contacted in a variety of ways. Namely, email and IRC.

aj00200 Email:
IRC: #atheistthought on

Seipher Email:
IRC: #atheistthought on

For debates, it is preferred that you connect to IRC as the debate will be real time. However, I can not spend all my life debating all the theists (after all, theists currently outnumber atheists in the United States approximately 9:1).

Feel free to contact me on IRC for anything else as well.

My email can be used for just about anything else. Maybe you want to write an article for the blog or have a question about atheism. Maybe you have a suggestion. All of these can be addressed on either IRC or via email.


One thought on “Contact

  1. Atheists are growing quickly in number. That ratio is incorrect, however just slightly. As I recall from previous studies it is somewhere in the range of 6:4. Love that you have this website and would like to discuss doing a project with you on this topic if you feel so inclined. You should know where to find me there in #sllabs.


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